Grand Opening

Today is the grand opening of my updated and improved website.  Please - come in, look around, make yourself at home.  It is my hope that all who take the time to look at my galleries will find images that speak to them and strike a chord within. 

There are many people to whom I owe  debts of gratitude - people who have helped make this website possible, and have contributed to my photographic endeavors over the years in countless ways.  I would like to take a moment to recognize those who have helped, mentored and contributed to my improvement and growth as a photographer.  To all of you - thank you for all that you have done:

  • H.H. Ven. Arjia Rinpoche - mentoring, inspiration, spiritual counsel
  • Ven. Chunpay Jumai - mentoring, inspiration, travel assistance
  • Ven. Lama Baasansuren - photographic access in Mongolia
  • Ven. Batnairamdal Zundui, Ph.D. - medical assistance in Mongolia
  • Leslie J. Crofford, MD (Vanderbilt Medical Center)  - medical assistance in the U.S.
  • Larry J. Steele, DCM - chiropractic care in the U.S.
  • Hollie Hirst - friendship, inspiration, travel assistance, comic relief
  • Claire Potstada - friendship, inspiration, travel assistance
  • Onolmaa Tervit - friendship, inspiration, travel arrangements, photographic access in Mongolia
  • Badral Mandal - translation, assistance, transportation in Mongolia
  • Luvsandorj Batbaatar - assistance, transportation in Mongolia
  • James Kellar - website design and construction
  • Kendall Reeves - scanning, fine art printing
  • John Dossett, Ph.D - friendship, counsel, life experience
  • Roger Reeves - friendship, counsel, life experience
  • James Barton - friendship, mentoring, fine art printing
  • Paul Lightfoot - friendship, mentoring, inspiration, life experience
  • Tyagan Miller - mentoring, inspiration
  • Rod Planck - training, mentoring
  • Alison Shaw - training, mentoring
  • Constantine Manos - training, mentoring
  • Doug Beasley - training, mentoring
  • Sherry Krauter - friendship, camera repair, photographic counsel
  • Dan Leto of Camera West - friendship, photographic counsel, equipment acquisition
  • Sean Cranor of Camera West - photographic counsel, equipment acquisition   

Most of all I am grateful to Calista Yates, my wife of 22 years for her undying love and support of my ventures and misadventures in both photography and life.  Without her understanding, assistance and good natured forbearance, none of this would have been possible.  Her love and support mean everything to me.





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