Focus on the process, let go of the outcome

How do we improve as photographers? We focus on the things that we have total control over: Our effort and our attitude in the present moment.

Effort boils down to doing what we have to do to make ourselves better as image makers. We don’t worry about what the other five billion photographers in the world are doing, or how they are doing it. We concern ourselves with our photography. We drill down on what we need to do. We worry only about our work.

We don’t worry about what the curator at “Brand X” gallery likes or loathes. We don’t worry about who the art director is at “Brand X” magazine and what they think and whether or not they would like our work. We don’t worry about who the jurists are for a group exhibit we want to participate in. We can’t control what other people like or think. We can only control what we do and what we think.

We can’t change the past or fix the disappointments and shortcomings of our past efforts; we can only do our work in the present moment. We can’t control the outcome of future events; all we can do is do our work in the present moment. It is the only moment we have.

Our effort in the present moment is what matters. It is the only thing that will help us improve. Give photography your all and let go of the outcome. The outcome belongs to the future and we have no control over the future. What we do have control over is our effort in the present moment.

Our attitude in the present moment affects whether or not we will improve as photographers. Do not listen to those who say “you can’t do that.” Shut them off. Give their negativity and limiting thoughts and words no credence. Completely, totally and utterly reject their nonsense. Who the hell are they to tell you what you can or cannot do?? Listen to your inner voice, not the outer noise. Negativity will cripple your attitude and will sabotage your effort. Your mind will say “What’s the use in even trying?” You will be toast. Blackened, burned toast.

How do we create, nurture and keep a positive and productive attitude? We shut out negativity, no matter where it comes from or who it comes from. We give it no credence, no power over us. All that matters is what we think and what we do in the present moment - for present moment after present moment after present moment adds up to produce the future.

We embrace the process of improving. When we embrace the process and love the process in the present moment, the future takes care of itself.

Focus on the process and let go of the outcome.

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